How to install kali linux in termux without root

Install Kali Linux In Termux Without Root

Install Kali NetHunter on any stock, unrooted Android device without voiding the warranty.



Android Device (Stock unmodified device, no root or custom recovery required)

About Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that is specialized for tasks like cybersecurity. It is an open-source product with a lot of customization done for penetration testing, so that it helps many companies to identify their vulnerabilities.
Kali linux is used for penetrations testing , security research , computer forensics , and reverse engineering.

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1. Its Free
2. Open source
3. Thousands of tools
4. Full customization
5. Multi Language Support


Method 1


  • termux-setup-storage pkg install wget wget -O install-nethunter-termux chmod +x install-nethunter-termux ./install-nethunter-termux

Method 2


Installation is easy as playing free fire
  • apt update && apt upgrade

Setup storage which is necessary for the  setup

  • termux-setup-storage

Install Some packages

  • pkg install wget x11-repo -y

Now download script

  • wget -O install-nethunter-termux

Grant permission

  • chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

Run the script

  • ./install-nethunter-termux

Warning : It takes upto 20 minute to install 


Setup Password and Vnc


Type password in small and have 6 digit

nethunter kex passwd

Now Setup Vnc Kex

  • nethunter kex &
  • Go to kex app and change the port
  • Use username as kali
  • Type password





Open Termux and type one of the following:


 Command To
nethunter start Kali NetHunter command line interface
nethunter kex passwd configure the KeX password (only needed before 1st use)
nethunter kex & start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience user sessions
nethunter kex stop stop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience
nethunter <command> run in NetHunter environment
nethunter -r start Kali NetHunter cli as root
nethunter -r kex passwd configure the KeX password for root
nethunter -r kex & start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience as root
nethunter -r kex stop stop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience root sessions
nethunter -r kex kill Kill all KeX sessions

nethunter -r <command>



run <command> in NetHunter environment as  root




Installing Kali Linux in Termux is a great way to have access to a wide range of powerful penetration testing tools on your Android device. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can install Kali Linux on your device through Termux without having to root your Android device. Once installed, you can use Kali Linux to perform a wide range of security testing and analysis tasks, including network scanning, vulnerability assessments, and exploitation testing. However, it is important to remember to use Kali Linux and its tools responsibly and ethically, and only for legitimate purposes.

Q: Can I run Kali Linux on my Android device?

A: Yes, you can run Kali Linux on your Android device using various methods like deploying a custom ROM, using a virtual machine, or installing it through a chroot environment.

Q: What is the benefit of running Kali Linux on Android?

A: Running Kali Linux on Android allows you to use powerful penetration testing and ethical hacking tools for practice purpose only

Q: How can I install Kali Linux on my Android device?

A: There are different methods to install Kali Linux on Android. You can use apps like “Linux Deploy” or “UserLAnd” from the Play Store to set up a chroot environment.

Best Choice is Use Termux

Q: Is it safe to run Kali Linux on my Android device?

A: Running Kali Linux on Android can have security implications. Ensure you use it responsibly and avoid using it on other people’s networks or devices without explicit permission.

Q: Will I need to root my Android device to run Kali Linux?

A: Not at all, you can install it without root using termux. 

Q: Are there any alternatives to Kali Linux for Android?

A: Yes, there are other Linux distributions specifically designed for Android devices, such as “Termux,” which provides a more lightweight and mobile-friendly Linux environment.

Q: Can I use Kali Linux on all Android devices?

A: yes , you can use it through termux which support all Android devices expect lower Android version 

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