How To Fix Termux Wrong Source.List Error

Fix Termux Wrong Source.List Error

Termux Error

wrong sources.list error ( apt update ) 

What is Termux ? 

Termux is an Android terminal emulator which is based on linux environment.

You can perform many attacks ( ex – openport attack , ddos , mitmf , sql injection , etc )

Termux support both rooted and unrooted devices

You can termux as a root to perform extra attacks which requires root access .


Open the app , you will see graphical interface 

Click on install packages , it will download some basic packages ( make sure you are connected with internet )

Now you can use termux

Before using it ( make sure you are connected with internet )

What can you do with termux  ?

1. we can perform different attacks 

2. Pentesting

3. Vulnerability Scanning

4. Ethical Hacking

We can do most of things using termux 

How to fix it ??

Two methods :-

1st .  method

  • apt update ( do first )
  • apt upgrade 
  • apt update ( again ) 

2nd. method 

  • cd 
  • cd ..
  • cd usr/etc/apt
  • rm -r sources.list 
  • pkg install nano 
  • nano sources.list 

Paste this

# The main termux repository:

 deb stable main
  • ctrl x then y
  • hit enter
  • apt update 

Try method 1 first if it not work then try 2nd one


In this article we share how to fix termux wrong source list error this error is atrted soon in all the termux users . Termux is best app for android which provide linux environment without root. hope this error fixed by above methods. If you face any error then please create forum topic with proper title and description.

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