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How To Create Own Word List

Wordlist is a text document in which we have or create the list of password that are used worldwide or the continuous set of all words or numbers, we use those wordlists to crack passwords using dictionary attacks

1.Dictionary attack :-

A dictionary attack uses a targeted technique of successively trying all the words in an exhaustive list called a dictionary (from a pre-arranged list of values).

2. Brute Force Attack :-

In contrast with a brute force attack, where a large proportion key space is searched systematically, a dictionary attack tries only those possibilities which are most likely to succeed, typically derived from a list of words for example a dictionary (hence the phrase dictionary attack).

3. Hybrid Attack :-

It works like a dictionary attack, but adds some numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password.

4. Syllable Attack :-

It is the combination of both brute force attack and the the dictionary attack.

5. Rule-Based Attack :-

This attack is used when the attacker gets some information about the password.
Now we are gonna use CRUNCH .
Goblin word Generator tool is used to generate password list easily..
Execute These below commands one by one to install this tool..

How To Create Own Word List

Installation is easy as making food
Update termux
apt update
Upgrade Termux
apt upgrade
Now install some basic packages
apt install git
apt install python
apt install python2
Clone the tool using git
Go to tool directory
cd GoblinWordGenerator
Give all permission
chmod +x *

Usage :

To run the tool
  • python
If You want to generate list that length 4 to 6 then type here :
  • 4:6 {hit enter}
Give name to your wordlist like, :
  • pass.txt {hit enter}
Select option which you want
  • {hit enter}
It will generate a pass.txt 
To open this file type this command :
  • cat pass.txt


In this article i show to create own wordlist for various purpose but to create a accurate wordlist you need some information as mentioned in the tool . you can also check another posts to create wordlist .

Q: What is a word list?

A: A word list is a collection of words, often organized alphabetically or thematically, that can be used for various purposes such as language learning, vocabulary building, word games, or data analysis.

Q: Why would someone want to create their own word list?

A: Creating your own word list allows you to customize the collection of words based on your specific needs and interests. It can be helpful for personal language development, educational purposes, or specialized project

Q: How should I organize my word list?

A: You can organize your word list alphabetically or based on specific categories within your chosen theme. You might also consider grouping words by their level of complexity or relevance to different contexts. How To Create Own Word List

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