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FDroid Termux

F-Droid is a remarkable platform that acts as an alternative to the mainstream app stores available on Android devices. What sets F-Droid apart is its commitment to providing free and open-source software exclusively. This means that all the apps available on F-Droid are open for anyone to inspect, modify, and distribute. It’s a paradise for tech enthusiasts who value transparency and user control over their apps. FDroid Termux . Install latest termux


Open Source: As mentioned earlier, all apps on F-Droid are open-source. This ensures that the code is accessible and can be audited for privacy and security concerns.

Privacy-Focused: F-Droid takes privacy seriously. The apps available on the platform are not loaded with intrusive tracking and advertisements, giving users a cleaner and more private experience.

Easy Updates: F-Droid makes updating your apps a breeze. It notifies you when updates are available, and the process is just a few taps away.

Vast Library: Though it focuses on open-source apps, F-Droid boasts a diverse and extensive library of applications. You can find tools for productivity, communication, entertainment, and much more.

Trustworthiness: Due to its rigorous selection process, apps on F-Droid are generally considered to be reliable and safe to use.

Termux: A Linux Terminal Emulator For Android

Termux in one of the best app to run linux environment in android without root and you can unlock full potential of android using termux app but the question is how ? as we know linux best for learning coding and making different types of tool and also linux are more secure than any operating system expect you don’t run random codes.

Termux is best way to learn linux in easy way and it is too handy for you , you can command line for linux and can use many tools and perform different attacks as well for just educational purpose. FDroid Termux

Direct Download

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Linux Environment: Termux provides access to a Linux shell, enabling you to use linux environment in android devices without root .Best way to learn linux in android

Package Manager: It offers a package manager that allows you to install various Linux packages and libraries, unlocking full potential of android

Scripting: Termux is a fantastic platform for learning and practicing scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Bash, and Node.js. You can develop and run scripts right on your mobile device without any other app

Development Environment: Developers can use Termux to compile code, test applications, and access Git repositories, Using Apktool , git to clone tools and many more you can do with termux.

Customization: Termux is highly customizable. You can install additional shells, themes, and plugins to your terminal, One of the best theme is Click Here

Running Graphical Applications :

Did you know that you can run graphical applications on your Android device with Termux? By setting up an X server and using the VNC protocol, you can run Linux desktop apps, such as GIMP or LibreOffice, right on your Android device. We will show you how to unleash the power of graphical applications on your device. FDroid Termux

Basically install kali linux in your termux without root : Click Here

Creating Shell Scripts : 

Termux is an excellent platform for shell scripting. With shell scripts, you can automate repetitive tasks, create shortcuts, and even build complex workflows. We will provide examples and tips on how to write effective shell scripts to enhance your productivity. 

  • nano bashrc

You can add any command like

  • apt update or apt upgrade

Whenever you open termux this command will un automatically

This feature is used to create banners for termux

Most famous tools

Metasploit – Framework : Click Here

Lemon Rat : Click Here

Sqlmap : Click Here

Nmap : Click Here


In this article we show how to install latest termux in Android using FDroid Termux or alternative without root. Termux is best source to learn linux environment in Android. It will unclock full potential of Android using many tools .

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