Best Termux Tools For Android

Best Termux Tools

In the world of linux, Termux has emerged as a powerful tool, offering users the ability to experience a full-fledged Linux terminal on their Android devices. By providing too many features , Termux used by programmer s, hackers, and tech enthusiasts to perform complex tasks on the go.

In this article we will discuss about many tools for termux which offers many features to the users and also very useful


I know you have seen many hackers which use anonymus messenger to message someone. Now the question is how can you do in terms so the answer is very simple you can use WeChat to chat someone anonymously.

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Termux os is best termux tools to install theme in termux and you can customise anything in the termux with the help of termux OS. It is fully customizable and it uses zsh theme which offers auto highlight and auto suggestions

You can also customise banner and shell name according to your choice

Just follow this steps to install termox OS in termux :

Metasploit Framework

It is one of the best termux tools to find vulnerability in Android and on many operating systems which provide many features like exploit , network scanning , also you can use nmap in metresploit. It is used by many network administrator to find Vulnerabilities in their Network and to fix it

You can also find and create some exploits and payloads


It is one of the best termux tools used by network administrator to a scan the network and protect from the hackers which attack their servers, networks etc

It is Best scanning tool and also free open source tool. Nmap also provide a free website where you can scan the website and performs Some basic commands to learn nmap easily without harming someone.

You can install nmap in termux using this post : Click Here


Automated SQL Injection Tool sqlmap is a powerful tool for automating SQL injection tests against web applications, helping you identify and exploit potential vulnerabilities.


You can also install many programming language support in termux where you can run many scripts and find the errors. It is best to use for programming because you don’t need any other App to run codes in different languages. It’s support many programming language.

You can install Python by using this command

  • pkg install python


I know you think why I added this but trust me this is one of the best for termux because it can clone any tool from github and you can use any tool in termux easily very easily

There are a lots of tools which is best for termux but we can’t mention all here you can follow other post to recognise it and have a chance to explore a world of Linux.


Termux brings the capabilities of a Linux terminal to Android devices, making it a best and usefull tool for tech users. With an extensive range of tools and functionalities, including package management, text editors, Python and Nodejs support and many programming languages, SSH integration, Git version control, penetration testing tools, Termux-API, and Termux-Tasker, users can efficiently perform tasks on the go, increasing productivity and enabling innovation. Embrace the power of Termux and unlock the full potential of your Android device.

Some QnA

Q: What is Termux?

A: Termux is an Android app that provides a full Linux terminal environment, allowing you to run Linux tools and commands on your Android device.

Q: How can I install these tools in Termux?

A3: You can install these tools using the Termux package manager (pkg). For example, to install Nmap, you would run:

  • pkg install nmap

Q: Can I use Termux to develop and run Android apps?

A: Yes, you can use Termux to develop and run Android apps using tools like Python, Node.js, and Android development kits etc by installing programming languages in termux.

Q: Can I access files and directories on my Android device through Termux?

A: Yes, Termux allows you to access files and directories on your Android device’s storage, both internal and external, using standard Linux commands.

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