Termux Complete Course , Beginner to pro | By H4Ck3R

Termux Complete Course

Termux Complete Course

What is Termux ? 

Termux is an Android terminal emulator which is based on linux environment.

You can perform many attacks ( ex – openport attack , ddos , mitmf , sql injection , etc )

Termux support both rooted and unrooted devices

You can termux as a root to perform extra attacks which requires root access .


Open the app , you will see graphical interface 

Click on install packages , it will download some basic packages ( make sure you are connected with internet )

Now you can use termux

Before using it ( make sure you are connected with internet )

What can you do with termux  ?

1. we can perform different attacks 

2. Pentesting

3. Vulnerability Scanning

4. Ethical Hacking

We can do most of things using termux 

How to install Termux 

we can normally install termux using F-Droid

After installing we have to run some command

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Some basic packages

apt install git 

apt install python python2 -y

apt install openssh

apt install toilet 

Learn to Use Termux Command

Termux does not have a GUI display and is just a shell where you have to type the Termux command code to use it, without you memorizing the Termux command code you won’t be able to use Termux.

The Termux Command is the same as the Linux Command.

The Termux command is identical to the Linux command especially the Debian family Linux such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint, this is because of the Termux functions as a terminal emulator that accesses the Linux shell on your android mobile.

Full Video 

Learn Termux using youtube 

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