How To Install Metasploit In Termux Without Error 2023 | By H4Ck3R

Install metasploit in termux


Metasploit is mostly used exploitation framework . Metasploit Framework is set of open source tools that is used for network testing , vulnerability scanning , payload making , exploit etc. 
Main Components


It is a supporting module , such as scanner , fuzzers , crawlers etc found here.


It is used to encode the exploit and payload to bypass signature based antivirus


Payloads is just a code which is run in target system .


 It provides access to the target system .

Termux Installation

Installation is easy but no gurantee with metasploit

Try update and upgrade termux packages

  • apt update && apt upgrade

Install all required packages

  • pkg install git python python2 -y
  • pip install lolcat

Clone my tool

  • git clone

Go to desire directory

  • cd Metasploit-termux

Run my tool using bash command

  • bash

Watch video to continue


There are some other tools

Lemon Rat : Click Here

Sqlmap : Click Here

Nmap : Click Here

Tool Usage 

In this tool you will get many features

  • Metasploit Installation
  • Repair 
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • It support android version 4.4 to latest 

Warning : Metasploit is discontinued in termux so you face many errors

To avoid error i need to update tool , For that make sure you star my tool on github

Give Star



In this article we show how to install metasploit in termux without any error. As we know metasploit is discontinued in termux so you may face many error so use alternative method to install metasploit framework in termux. Create forum for further error with proper title and description

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